Ecological Sapropel Fertilizer

Ecological Sapropel Fertilizer

    • Works as an absorbent,takingi in water and releasing nutriens into the water;Works as a long lasting fertilizer;Creates hummus in the soil renewing its fertility and structure; 
    • Increases the amount of vitamins in vegetables and fructose in fruit 
    • Helps prevent erosion. 
    • Prolongs the fertility of the soil up to about 7 years. 
    • Fruit and vegetables grown in Sapropel soil promotes the development of antibodies in children and adults with allergies.

    Methods of use

    1.  Dig a hole in the ground where you the plant will be. Put the tablet in the hole with the plant or seed and then cover it up. This way sapropel acts as a sorbent - each time you water the plant, the tablet ir slowly releases nutrients into the soil wich the plant uses to grow.

    2. If you don't wan't to move the plant, or it is strongly rooted into the ground, you can dessolve the tablet in 200ml (6.8 oz.) of water and pour it around the roots. Remove the shallow dirt before, and cover the liquid up with it! This way the sapropel tablet loses its sorbent properties, but the plant still absorbs huge amounts of nutrients from it.

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